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My Weekend With Sokratis (via wrap me in phyllo dough)

24 May

this is wonderful…nicely written and pictures…greece is calling…

My Weekend With Sokratis It is said that Greek people are so hospitable because, in ancient times, one never knew if the traveling stranger at one’s door was a mortal or a god or goddess in disguise. Well, this weekend, if I were a goddess, I would have been a very happy goddess indeed! My student Sokratis (you know … Read More

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The Wonder of Ordinary Places (via Notes from Near and Far)

13 May

beautiful pictures and beautifully written…the calm is inspiring. Thank you for this!

The Wonder of Ordinary Places To listen to an audio version of ‘The Wonder of Ordinary Places’ click the play button. Many of the world’s landscapes are lost to us. They’ve vanished from our lives, become extinct. But they’ve disappeared not because of urban sprawl or the pressures of tourist development. They haven’t disappeared due to deforestation or a toxic accumulation of pollutants. Nor have … Read More

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It’s never too late to cross it off your list (via Meg Vogel | Visual Journalist)

12 May

this is amazing…one never loses it. its wonderful 🙂 Congratulations Mr. Turner!

It's never too late to cross it off your list Clarence Turner, 85, makes a tandem jump at Skydive Warren County. Turner was a WWII paratrooper, and his children gave him the skydiving trip as a gift for his 85th birthday. … Read More

via Meg Vogel | Visual Journalist