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The Wonder of Ordinary Places (via Notes from Near and Far)

13 May

beautiful pictures and beautifully written…the calm is inspiring. Thank you for this!

The Wonder of Ordinary Places To listen to an audio version of ‘The Wonder of Ordinary Places’ click the play button. Many of the world’s landscapes are lost to us. They’ve vanished from our lives, become extinct. But they’ve disappeared not because of urban sprawl or the pressures of tourist development. They haven’t disappeared due to deforestation or a toxic accumulation of pollutants. Nor have … Read More

via Notes from Near and Far

The Sideways Library….? (via Megan Tsang | Photographer, Traveler & Full-Time Goof Ball.)

12 May

Really really cool place. Wish i could visit. one day maybe. thank you for this! i wish you many more adventures my new friend.

The Sideways Library....? Another favorite past-time of mine in New York involves adventures with one, Miss Karen Sindayen. On one adventure, we visited the “sideways library” coffee shop, D’Espresso, with a ton of anticipation to see all the books lining the walls, floors and ceilings.  Unbeknownst to me, the original picture we saw was just actually just full of trickery, as the “books” on the interiors were actually just wallpaper…. a disappointment indeed.  (I shoul … Read More

via Megan Tsang | Photographer, Traveler & Full-Time Goof Ball.